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Meet Marcus CJ Lewis

Marcus CJ Lewis is an emotionally intelligent and highly sought-after speaker, healer, storyteller, and friend. With over 13 years of professional experience in corporate, educational, and volunteer experiences.

Marcus CJ Lewis is an engaging communicator and a leading expert at helping organizations with participating in the emotional and mental healing process of high functioning individuals to improve workplace culture and ultimately impact their bottom line. He has a unique approach per audience with exceptional guidance and courageous enthusiasm that leaves a lasting impression for audiences to remember.

Marcus CJ Lewis loves speaking and impacting organizations, but also loves his hometown in Boston, MA his 3 brothers and 3 sisters, family members & friends.

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Without tools to build a strong workplace culture for your employee’s mental and emotional well being, companies are losing  $81B per year due to presenteeism and $223B due to turnover from toxic workplace culture. – Sources: 1 & 2
SIGNATURE SPEECH: Building a strong workplace culture for high functioning employees

Topic: High Functioning addictive themes/patterns in the workplace

Description: This talk gives tools to employees to begin their healing and recovery process from addictive themes in the workplace. Companies, non-profits and other organizations can use these tools to participate in the mental and emotional healing process to aid their employees to better health. This builds a culture that will improve performance, impact their bottom line and eliminate addictive patterns in the workplace. *This talk may be given as a health benefit for your employees.
Marcus is also available to offer customized curriculums and special programming on the topics of speaking, self love, self awareness, culture, behavioral changes/building new habits.


5 Step Roadmap to Your Healing Journey:  

Are you ready to begin your journey to a truly fulfilling life and career?

During this 90 day coaching program, Marcus will walk you through his signature 5-Step Framework to intentional create a wholesome career and life that you love. 

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